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World Capital Holdings Group

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Venture Capital Company


Investing for the greater good,
for the innovations of tomorrow.

Venture Capital Company based in Sacramento, CA. We are a group of small-cap angel investors who takes position in growing start-up companies, real estate and various securities. With 6 years of experience, we believe that all dreams are possible. Investing in dreams will bare a wholesome fruit, and that, is what we define as The American Dream.

Our Strategy

We strategize our investment positions to make calculated risks with potential high profitability.


Research of every investment moves is vital to our venture capital goals. Our team intensively collect important information about each companies and carefully analyze our strategies before executing business deals and trades.


To ensure investment success and high profitability, we invest in multiple lucrative business ventures and securities to mitigate risk. Diversification is a surefire way to avoid extreme portfolio loss.


Working together with other investors is how our company gets access to investment capital. As angel investors, our sources of funding varies from personal income, loans, capital gains and combined assets.

Our Team

The best team ever!

Andrews Dela Vega Puriran

Managing Partner

Investment Timeline

Here are some of the investments we have made over the years.


Cryptocurrency Investments (Jan 2021 - Present)

Invested $55,000 in Bitcoin and other large-scale cryptocurrencies.

Real Estate and Resorts

Stock Investments (June 2020 - October 2020)

Invested over $15,000 worth of shares of various hotel and resort companies during the COVID-19 stock market crash. Company net profits over $32,210.

Tesla Motors, Inc.

Stock Investments (March 2017 - May 2020)

Invested over $25,000 worth of Tesla Motors (TSLA) stock bought with a share price of $17.33.


Our investment portfolio


ABOUT THE PROJECT: PhilanthroPhilippines is a nonprofit founded in 2017 in Sacramento, CA.

Usermoment Technologies

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Usermoment is a startup technology company empowering photographers all over the world.

The Secret Bowl Company, LLC.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Secret Bowl Company was an early stage start-up retail delivery service founded in 2017.

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We agree that teamwork makes the dream work.